Our Story

Smoked Meats

The Story of How We Came To Be

At Longleaf Swine we are honored to bring our experience of the tradition of whole hog barbecue to Downtown Raleigh.

When Adam, owner and operator, met Marc, Pitmaster, over a few beers and started talking whole hog bbq, they knew they shared a passion. As their conversations turned into a successful food truck, and now their beautiful brick and mortar in the historic Oakwood neighborhood, they knew they shared a dream.

Adam grew up in Eastern North Carolina where pit BBQ is a way of life. Watching his grandmother put her whole heart into the food she prepared gave Adam a passion for taking times and cooking things in light of time honored traditions-- the old school way. For Adam being in the kitchen is still the same feeling as being a kid doing whatever he could to help his Grandma, food traditions are a part of his story. As the years passed Adam found a true love for whole hog barbeque. The patience and satisfaction that comes from slow smoking meat with an all wood fire is what it's all about for Adam, that's where he's happiest.


Meet The Pitmaster

Adam shares that passion with his Pit Master, Marc. Marc is a veteran of some of Raleigh's finest culinary establishments, a network and community where he first met Adam. Marc's passion for barbeque and making people feel a moment of bliss through their stomach and his food resonated with Adam, and a partnership was born. Marc's unique approach to being a pitmaster combines his Puerto Rican heritage, influences from training in the Texas tradition, and a long love and childhood immerced in the Carolina Style Finishes that define the Longleaf Swime flavor.

When you come visit with us, you're stepping into a friend's house who wants to fill your belly and make you smile. You can expect to indulge in thoughful cuisine that is locally sourced, thoughtfully prepared and undeniably rooted in a rich culinary history of southern bbq.


Amazing Barbecue artists who found ways to keep cooking through the pandemic, and transformed into a fantastic resource for pickup food. Brisket, ribs, pulled pork, sides - all are excellent. Yummm.

Randolph Carter

Used them for catering an event for 175 people. They were fantastic. Lots of compliments on the food but also super easy to work with! Highly recommend!

Mary Clayton Sherrill

The best ribs I’ve ever experienced (yes, they are an experience). I was sad when I got full bc I wanted to keep eating them. Also got the Mac and cheese thinking ‘ya, ok. A basic side’. HA. Jokes on me bc I ate more then half before my family was ready for dinner. Sorry not sorry family! Unreal food, the juiciest meat!! *chefs kiss*

Taylor Atkinson